ATV Pros and Cons

Recreational vehicles like ATVs are ideal for off-road adventures and navigating rough terrain. However, they may be less suited for riders who are looking for speed. In comparison, scooters like the Icebear scooter are ideal for urban riders looking for a fuel-efficient and easy-to-maneuver means of commuting. 

For riders looking for an ATV for sale, it is important to consider the advantages of an ATV over other modes of transport like an Icebear scooter or dirt bike. The advantages of going for an ATV for sale include:

ATVs are easier to learn

ATVs have basic controls that even beginners can easily learn to operate safely. Since ATVs are on four wheels they also require less of a learning curve compared to dirt bikes. This means that for riders without much experience, ATVs may be a better choice when looking for a recreational vehicle. 

ATVs offer more functionality

Riders looking for an off-road vehicle that can haul heavy machinery or objects may find that an ATV offers more functionality compare with dirt bikes. ATVs can easily transport equipment and can be used for plowing snow, mowing loans and even plowing. This makes ATVs ideal for riders looking for a recreational vehicle that can also be used for a variety of jobs.

ATVs are all terrain

ATVs are designed to handle different types of terrain so they can be used for off-road adventures, camping and accessing areas other 4×4 vehicles cannot access. ATVS can handle steep, uneven and rocky terrains since they have good riding stability and maneuverability.

Easy to maintain

ATVs are typically made of simple mechanical components so they can be easily maintained without incurring high repair or maintenance costs. The simple mechanical components and design also make it easy to customize ATVs to suit the rider’s specific needs and intended use. 

Drawbacks to consider before buying an ATV

While ATVs offer multiple functionalities and easy maintenance, it is important to keep in mind the potential drawbacks before buying one. 

  • Poor handling on pavement: ATVs are designed for off-road terrain so they do not handle as well on pavement. 
  • Not suitable for passengers: ATVs are designed to carry one person so they are not ideal for riders who want to carry passengers.
  • ATVs can be expensive: Compared to dirt bikes, ATVs generally cost more and are less fuel efficient. This can make them more costly to purchase and run. 

When to go for a scooter

Scooters suit urban commuters who maneuver in busy urban areas. Some advantages of getting a scooter include:

Light and easy to handle

Compared to other types of bikes, scooters are relatively easy to handle owing to their light and compact structure. This makes them easy to maneuver and suitable even for riders without a lot of experience. 

High maneuverability

Scooters are compact and this makes them easy to maneuver even in tight traffic since they can move easily through small spaces. However, it is important to keep in mind that scooters are not built for rough terrain and will not handle as well in off road environments.


Compared to ATVs and dirt bikes, scooters are relatively cost-effective to obtain and run. Most models tend to be affordable and do not require a lot of fuel.