Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Rambutans

If you’ve never attempted a rambutan, do not permit it outside to scare you away. The rambutan has been likened to a sea urchin with its bright, spiky shell and egg form. However, under its difficult outside, rambutan has a creamy, sweet flesh that is wealthy in antioxidants and consists of vitamins and minerals. Rambutan makes a super seize-and-move snack or uncommon new meals to proportion with buddies.

Rambutan Nutrition Facts

One cup of canned rambutan, packed in syrup and drained (150g) affords seventy-two energy, 1.4g of protein, 18g of carbohydrates, and 0.2g of fats. Rambutan is a superb source of diet C, manganese, and copper. The following vitamin statistics are furnished via the USDA.


Like most fruits, rambutans are normally composed of carbohydrates. There are 31 grams of carbs in a cup of canned rambutan, with 1.4 grams coming from fiber. The USDA does now not currently list the sugar content of rambutan; but, a portion of its general carbohydrates is attributed to natural sugars.

Canned rambutan it’s packed in syrup is higher in sugar than clean fruit. Fresh rambutan varies in sugar content based totally on its degree of ripeness. When the outer spines are nevertheless inexperienced, rambutan tastes bitter. As rambutan turns from green to red or yellow, the sugar content material is going up by 20%.


Rambutan may be very low in fat, with less than half of a gram according to cup.


Rambutan is not a huge supply of protein. A cup of rambutan provides just 1 gram of protein.

Vitamins and Minerals

Rambutan offers manganese, copper, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate, and nutrition A. It is not very high in many vitamins or minerals, containing the very best stages of manganese and copper. A one-cup provides 22% of the daily endorsed manganese and 11% of copper based on a 2,000-calorie-in step with-day food regimen.


One cup of canned rambutan, packed in syrup and drained (150g), gives 72 energy, 94% of which comes from carbs. The closing calories include 3% protein and a couple of fat. Fresh rambutan, or canned rambutan packed in water, is in all likelihood to have fewer calories.


Rambutan is carb-wealthy fruit that offers manganese, copper, nutrition C, magnesium, and potassium. Like maximum fruits and greens, it is free from fat and Vidalista 60 mg.

Rambutan Benefits

In addition to vitamins and minerals, rambutan provides several polyphenols that display promise for human fitness development. It may also lower diabetes risk, support cancer prevention, reduce the risk of kidney stones, and support bone and heart health.

Lowers Diabetes Risk

Oftentimes, people with diabetes accept as true that fruit is simply too candy to be covered in their diet. However, culmination like rambutan offers diverse fitness benefits and relatively low sugar counts (particularly when compared to different candies or processed foods). Keep in thoughts, but, that human beings with diabetes need to steer far away from fruit this is packed in syrup or with added sweeteners.

A 7-year look at looking at 500,000 Chinese adults located that better consumption of fruit is related to a decreased chance of diabetes and vascular headaches. Embracing a whole meals mentality that consists of fruit may want to gain those who are predisposed to diabetes.

May Support Cancer Prevention

Rambutan carries several antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, phenolic compounds, and methanolic compounds. Although no lengthy-term human research has confirmed the anti-cancer results of rambutan, antioxidants in result and greens have long been related to cancer prevention. Choosing unprocessed rambutan (sparkling over canned) offers the greatest awareness of antioxidants.

Promotes Bone Health

To a few extent, bone loss is inevitable with age. However, healthful consumption and physical interest make it possible to lessen the price and severity of this issue. Higher intakes of fruit, like rambutan, are associated with more bone mineral density, possibly because of the consequences of potassium. By lowering urinary calcium excretion, rambutan may additionally assist save you bone turnover and osteoporosis.

May Reduce the Risk of Kidney Stones

In an equal way, ingesting patterns higher in fruit assist bone retention, they will additionally prevent kidney stones. The maximum common types of kidney stones include calcium. Greater potassium consumption via fruits like rambutan will increase the resorption of calcium within the kidneys. This speculation has been backed up by several observational studies linking higher potassium intakes with lower charges of kidney stone improvement.

Supports Heart Health

Like many culmination, rambutan has a good dietary profile for coronary heart fitness. Rambutan affords potassium (which lowers blood stress) along with LDL cholesterol-decreasing fiber. The folate and other B vitamins in rambutan lower irritation (homocysteine) levels, thereby decreasing the danger of stroke by up to 25%.

Finally, rambutan’s vitamin C content helps scavenge loose radicals that harm arteries over time. As a part of a coronary heart-wholesome, plant-based consuming plan, rambutan helps keep your weight-reduction plan varied and colorful.


Rambutan hypersensitive reactions are uncommon however were reported. In one case have look at, a 22-year-old sailor visiting Thailand skilled itchy eyes, hives, and throat swelling within mins of consuming rambutan for the primary time. Although this example isn’t always recent (it was said in 1998), the response defined stays indicative of common food allergy signs seen nowadays.

A hypersensitivity to rambutan may be related to allergies to latex or different culmination, however no longer necessary. If you think a meals allergic reaction, meet with a Fildena 150mg for further trying out and recommendation.

Adverse Effects

For sure human beings with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), herbal fruit sugars can trigger a flare-up. Commonly abbreviated as FODMAPs, these short-chain carbohydrates consist of fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols.

Rambutan and another result regularly contain FODMAPs which can be a problem for people with sensitivity. If you note gastrointestinal misery after ingesting rambutan, see a dietitian or gastroenterologist to help pinpoint the root of your symptoms.

A common misconception approximately rambutan is that the seeds are toxic. However, rambutan seeds are nutritious and safe for human intake while cooked.


There are numerous forms of rambutan, with 22 sorts in Indonesia on my own. Nine Examples of the distinct varieties consist of Cikoneng, Rupiah, Sinyonya, and Binjai.10 Rambutan starts off evolving out green and turns both red or yellow whilst mature. It is normally bought fresh or canned.

When It’s Best

As extra clients have turned out to be interested in international meals, the call for rambutan has increased in the United States. Once simplest available at Asian markets, those specific, spiky-on-the-outdoor, soft-on-the-interior fruits have made their way into the produce departments of a few mainstream grocery shops.

Rambutan is ripe whilst its spines (Spinterns) flip crimson or yellow. If they are nevertheless inexperienced, the fruit is unripe. Rambutan has surpassed its prime whilst the Spinterns start to show brown and dry up. Look for colorful, uniform pores and skin coloration it is free from signs of insects or ailment.

Storage and Food Safety

The ideal storage situations for rambutan are between 46 and fifty-nine stages Fahrenheit with 90% to 95% humidity. Although the exterior color may additionally alternate slightly, the interior remains sparkling for 14 to sixteen days. In warmer or extra dry situations (68 tiers Fahrenheit and 60% humidity), rambutan handiest lasts for 3 to 5 days.

As with all sparkling fruit, it is essential to scrub your palms and rinse the rambutan under walking water earlier than beginning the fruit to consume it. Once out of the rind, store the rambutan refrigerated in an airtight container and consume it within a couple of days.

How to Prepare?

To devour sparkling rambutan, slice apart the outdoors shell with a sharp pairing knife and eliminate it. Next, slice open the fruit to pull out the sour indoor seed.

You may not discover recipes for rambutan in preferred American cookbooks, however, there are plenty of methods to apply this special fruit. For instance, rambutan flesh may be served as a part of a fruit salad or smoothie. With its natural sweetness, rambutan can also update different culmination like mango or pineapple in a sorbet.