Benefits of Mobile Technology for English Language Learners 

Gaining expertise in the English language means opening doors to various opportunities that can transform your lifestyle. As everyone knows that a job seeker must be proficient in the English language if he truly wants to flourish in his career. Because English has gained strong prominence as the common language to converse with foreign clients. 

However, the compulsion of the English language in many fields has also problematized things for people. The candidates who belong to a non-English background have to gain proficiency in the English language in order to bag some opportunities. 

To receive your visa, one must ensure the visa granting authorities about his English proficiency. He has to do this through the scores received on the English proficiency assessment test. Also, to acquire a job in MNCs one must also provide strong proof of English proficiency by communicating with the interviewer. Therefore, to bag the life-transforming opportunities, you must gain expertise in the English language. 

Have you ever wondered that a device that you are carrying in your hand can help you elevate your English proficiency? Well yes, we are talking about your smartphone here. Your smartphone is an excellent divide that can help you heighten your English proficiency extensively. If you intend to speak English like a pro, then your smartphone is one of the best guides. To learn the benefits provided by mobile technology for English language learners, read the article carefully. The article will also help you utilize mobile technology properly to ace the English language like a pro. 

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Let’s learn the benefits of mobile technology in gaining expertise in the English language: 


It is now a common suggestion that watching movies along with subtitles heightens English proficiency. Well, that’s true without any shadow of a doubt. The best part is that you can access the movies on youtube, a website that your smartphone can also support. Along with that, youtube is also the finest source to access various tutorials that furnish knowledge of English grammar rules through examples. 

We never mind saying that youtube is an exceptional source that can turn your dream of speaking fluent English into reality. 

PDFs and Apps

Your smartphone can support the PDFs of a plethora of books that you can access offline after downloading.  Along with that, your smartphone can also help you access umpteen apps to polish your English language. There are a plethora of apps that are specifically created to help English language learners to practice mock tests and improve their knowledge. In fact, there are some apps that can help you read pdfs in an enhanced manner by giving you the option to mark bookmarks, highlight text, brightness adjustments, etc. 

The internet can provide access to various gaming apps that can make you learn the English language in an interesting way. Also, you can download an official dictionary app for free with just a few clicks to widen your treasure of vocabulary words. 


You can practice speaking the English language with your friend sitting in his home over the phone. Chatting on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media apps can also help you converse in the English language. You don’t need to interact with them face-to-face to practice conversing in the English language. Apart from this, you can also use google assistant to gain confidence in speaking in the English language. 


Audiobooks are excellent sources that can enhance yout ability to listen in the English language. Note that English listening skills also matter a lot in improving your fluency in conversations. You can’t expect yourself to communicate fluently if you lack profound English listening skills. Thus, access audiobooks and listen to them daily for 15 minutes to polish your acquaintance with the pronunciation of the words. 

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Note that a smartphone is an immaculate source that can help you immerse in the English language profoundly. However, one must also focus on analyzing the examples to understand the English grammar rules comprehensively.