Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India- 2023 

India has experienced a dramatic rise in women entrepreneurs in India within the last 20 years. The number has increased by 114%, especially during and after the pandemic. More women are coming forward to become independent and financially stable irrespective of individual backgrounds. Government schemes like Mudra Yojana Scheme (although not exclusive to women) also contribute to women-led startups and enable them to expand their business.

Filled with hopes and positivity, 2023 is ideal for women to venture into entrepreneurship. The market is filled with multiple business options to choose from. However, if you still need to figure it out, here is a list of the best franchise business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India in 2023.

Online tutoring and coaching services

The growing popularity of online education has flourished the online tutoring or coaching business catering to students from all age groups. The constant development of online platforms and their convenience for both teachers and students have raised the demand for quality online tutoring. So, if you love teaching, and possess expertise in handling online platforms, then launching your online tutoring business would be apt. In case you feel like requiring assistance, then a franchise business is also a good idea. Eurokids, for example, provides education franchises.

Handmade and organic beauty products

India has a rich natural and herbal beauty treatment tradition, and there is a growing demand for handmade, organic beauty products. Recently, more people have become health conscious and are looking for alternative beauty products free from harmful chemicals and animal cruelty. So, what are you waiting for? Use your beauty hacks and expertise to start your organic, handmade beauty label!

Event management and planning

The demand for destination weddings tops the bucket wish list for present-generation couples; it is just one example. YOLO (You Only Live Once) has become the trending life mantra for most people, leading to opulent and grand events that, in turn, require innovative and creative planning and efficient management. The task is challenging as well as rewarding! Another best part is that the demand for good event management and planning is rising. So, if you enjoy painting creative sets inside your head and are open to multi-tasking, this is your call. 

Business with home-based food

Many women have started small home-cooked food delivery businesses, which is an excellent entrepreneurial venture. No matter how much we love outside food and cafes, home food has our hearts and is an undeniable truth. The demand for home-based food has increased in urban societies as office-goers, students, and others need more time to make food and search for alternative healthy food options. It has rapidly led to the growth of the home-based food business sector. Find your cooking niche, barley, pickles, or traditional cuisine, and start your business.


Are you one of those who have always dreamt of owning a cafe someday? If yes, then go ahead. The cafe business is trending far and wide, both in and outside India. The young generation loves hanging out and ‘chilling’ for hours at cafes. Moreover, concepts like ‘co-working space’ and ‘workstation’ have further popularized cafes. So, be creative, personalize your cafe vibe, or get your preferred cafe franchise business. Brands like Cafe Frespresso, Bean Here, Rasna Buzz, and Cafe Club provide cafe franchise business. 

For example, Cafe Club will help you open your cafe at your preferred location in India. A good part of the brand is they provide you with all the kitchen necessities and essentials necessary to open your cafe. The investment cost is less than rupees five lakhs.

So, instead of procrastinating for a long investment in the cafe, you truly want to make it. 

E-Commerce accessories and clothing

This business option is on fire and for all the right reasons. Many women (like you or someone for whom you are reading this article) have started online clothing or accessories businesses. Many female entrepreneurs have earned success thanks to the high demand for quirky statement jewelry to personalized apparel. The current generation, with their disposable income and love for fashion experiments, always looks for unique fashion collections to spend on, resulting in the growing popularity of the business sector. True that the sector has competition, but it also contains vast opportunities if you understand trending fashion and consumer behavior. 

Digital marketing and social media management

a creative mindset and the skills to study consumer buying behavior. There is no looking back if you can establish yourself in the market. With technology development, people’s love for social media engagement will constantly increase; perfect to start opening your digital marketing and social media management business now.

Freelance writing business

Starting a freelance writing business will pique your interest if you have a flair for writing. Many brands, big or small, currently search for content writers to produce quality content online. The best part of freelancing is you become your own boss and communicate directly with clients. It means you get the entire payment at your disposal. You can widen the business by forming a group of writers working for you.

Tea business

One of the best businesses is the tea business. It is easy to plan and set up and requires minimal effort to operate the business. You can start your tea business to make an additional revenue source. Tea Time’s tea franchise business is an excellent option to start your tea business within a few simple steps. You do not need to worry about the procedures because the company will take care of them. The high-quality tea products, along with the set formula menu, ensures that your customers love it without the need to put Herculean effort into preparing the same. Tea consumption has increased significantly across the nation, leading to the beverage’s high demand.

Moreover, the business profit rate of the tea franchise business is 40-60% monthly. The best part is anyone (of you) can do the business as long as the passion and interest exist. Many Tea Time franchisees are proud female entrepreneurs.