6 Most Famous WordPress Premium Themes 2023

Your digital stores are in the middle of a cutthroat competition that is not limited but includes the whole world. A well-functioning modern website as your Digital Store is important to give your business a boost, especially in the early years. The perfect representation of your brand is not limited to your logo but the whole ambiance of your website. That’s why your website must be tangled with your work culture and your vision. This makes WordPress themes the perfect choice for your official business website. The infinite number of free and premium themes provide you with a range of options to select your perfect website framework. Notably, you must not only go for looks but function. The well-designed website provides you with modern features and easy navigation. 

WordPress is widely famous as the best open website builder available to all. However your search starts with a question about the right theme for your business. How would you choose them? What factors should you consider before choosing one? And what are the top premium website themes in WordPress? 

This blog will answer all the questions. Be with me till the end of this blog. 

Factors before Buying a Premium WordPress Theme: 

There are numerous WordPress premium things available that you might like in the first instance. But not all of them are worth your money. Before you buy any WordPress theme and regret it later, focus on the below factors to make a wise decision. 

  1. SEO optimization. 
  2. Easily import/ export setting option
  3. Inbuilt designing option
  4. Inbuilt setting availability. 
  5. Easy-to-operate customization
  6. Ad management features
  7. Responsive website
  8. WordPress Compatibility
  9. HTML5
  10. Your budget. 

In the above points, you should highly focus on SEO optimization & designing as they play very big roles in your early business career. 

6 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes: 

1.    Astra: 

Price- $59. 

The Astra WordPress theme is one of the best premium themes in aspects of customization and SEO compatibility. This is a high-speed website theme designed especially as a lightweight fast website. A library full of demo themes gives you a wide range of options saving you time designing pixel-perfect ready-to-use themes. 

It offers you maximum customization. You can literally design any kind of business website from e-commerce to travel blogging. You can give a look to your theme that matches your brand such as colour, design, and layout that would suit your ambiance. 

Astra WordPress theme also offers modern SEO Optimization that results in better ranking in SERPs results. Being accessibility ready also leads you to create a website accessible to all types of users and follow the standards of WAG 2.0. 

2. Reobiz – Consulting Business WordPress Theme 

Reobiz is a powerful and modern Consulting Business WordPress Theme best suited for companies, freelancers and professionals specialized in Consulting and Financial Services. It comes with a powerful page builder, a custom post type for services, testimonials and portfolio, as well as full integration with the leading eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce. The theme also includes a powerful theme options panel that allows you to customize the theme with ease. Reobiz is fully responsive and retina ready and it looks great on any device. It is also translation ready and includes .po and .mo files for easy translation.

3. Seedprod: 

Price- $79. 

The drag & drop option makes Seedprod a very unique premium theme. Due to its customization abilities, even non-tech people can easily design a business website or blogging website without much headache. 

You can design a website in 2 ways. 

  1. From scratch with a blank Page.
  2. With the help of starter templates. 

The dragon drop option helps you to create your website block by block. You can literally design each section of your website as per your wish. It is great as there is no limit on the drag & drop system and features due to the premium version. You can use 80 + Pro block elements. If you are unfamiliar with website designing then templates can help you a lot. You can choose any template that suits your business and then make minus changes to them such as adding buttons & features. It is a perfect premium theme for prose and newcomers as well. 

4. Ultra: 

Price: $59

With the flexible customization, price is one of the most preferred word press premium themes for newbies and pros from Themify. It comes with 60+ pre-designed websites. This means you can directly select, and make minor changes and then all you need to do is to operate your website after that. You can create as many layouts as you can think of by using the drag & drop option. 

Ultra provides you with several modern customizations such as animated backgrounds, photo filters, colour customization, and extra. You can easily use it to make your professional portfolio. 

Bonus point- ultra gives you an integration option to your woocommerce shop directly. This results in cohesive E-Commerce shopping matching the ambiance of your website and brand. 

5. Hestia: 

Price: $99

Hestia also provides a free version where you are only allowed to use a single page to get the feel of the premium version. Once you buy the premium, it allows you to use more advanced features of the theme. With the pre-designed website frameworks, you can save time and effort. All the consumers have complete control over the final website product of this theme. 

With a pre-established SEO structure, the theme boosts your performance in SERP ranking. You get page translation features with the same in its free and premium version. If anywhere you have a plan for going global these pages can help you to grab the international markets. 

6. Shoppe: 

Price: $59

As the name explains, this WordPress theme is perfect for E-Commerce businesses. This woocommerce website theme from Themify provides you with a drag-and-drop option to create the layout of your website. With this easy website builder and newcomers can also design a fully functional website quickly. 

The theme comes with multiple E-Commerce features such as a wishlist, quick Search, ajax cart, quick look lightbox, and product image gallery. 

Shopping provides you with 60 + layouts with plenty of plugins. With this feature, you can add to your website elements such as announcement bars, pop ups, and store locations. 


Being a business owner you must focus on the best option available within your budget. You need to be smart enough to make a voice choice when buying premium WordPress themes. We have discussed 6 Pro themes that will help you to establish your business website as customer-engaging, interactive, and SEO-friendly. I have also discussed the factors you need to consider before buying a theme. Check out more website premium themes at our RSTHEME platform and choose one for your business.