Wondering How to Install Metal Wall Panels? 5 Absolute Must-Know Steps

As we approach 2022, metal wall panels continue to rise in popularity for both residential and commercial construction, and many people are wondering how to install metal wall panels.

It’s not hard to see why.

Metal wall panels offer capabilities that allow for varieties in design. For the most part, commercial office and manufacturing buildings are concerned with metal wall installation. 

However, today you will see that it pertains to residential housing, such as condos.

Perhaps you want to upgrade your house or commercial office, or you are looking to build a new structure. If so, there are many reasons you should install metal walls.

Here are the steps on how to install metal wall panels. 

1. Prepare

You may have heard the saying “measure twice and cut once.” This certainly applies to the installation of metal wall panels.

The entire space you want to cover with metal wall panels needs to be measured. Also, you’ll need to confirm that your environment is installation friendly.

This is imperative before you continue with the next steps.

Wood that was placed incorrectly will need to go. The same goes for rotten wood. Then you should clear away sand debris as well as curl any paint that may get in the way.

Your surface area always needs to be smooth and clean. The underside needs to be left the way you would like it to be maintained.

2. Protect with an Underlayment

If you’re wondering how to install metal wall panels, you need to know this.

The installation of metal wall panels needs an underlayment.

This will serve as severe weather protection. If possible, the synthetic material needs to be breathable.

Moisture needs to be able to escape without allowing any to get in. This will aid in the preservation of the undersurface. A staple gun will attach the underlayment.

Make sure the lining is tight. Watch out for the areas that are the most vulnerable like openings near windows. 2-3 inches need to be left for overlap.

3. Installation

Many people who wonder how to install metal wall panels make a critical mistake here — they put sealing strips in the wrong place.

Place the sealing strip at the bottom.

This will allow the sheet metal to be placed. The metal panels need to be lined in parallel. The use of a level will be extremely helpful.

Next, you should hammer nails every eight inches. Your metal panels might have pre-cut holes instead so you won’t need to hammer every 8 inches.

Then, leave about 3-5 inches of corner room space for the corner caps.

4. Secure Corner Caps

The structural application is kept stable by corner caps. Brace the underside of the metal siding sheets and connect by hammering the nails in.

Check to make sure they are secure, firm, and installed in uniform. You don’t want to damage the look of your structure by causing dents during this process.

To take precaution against this, the use of a rubber mallet may be useful.

5. Get Creative

Metal wall panels are easily painted. Logos and signs can easily be hung on them. However, being overly ambitious could tamper with security.

This is how to install metal wall panels — be careful, and make sure you have help from professionals.

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