If you are a wedding planner or an event organiser who runs a wedding business it is perfectly okay for you to be busy with weddings in peak season. There are weddings to manage on the wedding dates, preparations to make for the next weddings and the new couple meets to handle for the upcoming season – There is often too much work for a single person to manage. And while you remain super busy handling all of these, it is the marketing of your wedding business that is always ignored. We understand that you have a prosperous wedding business and couples knock at your office door to book your services, but marketing is still important for you to secure your future and maintain a healthy relationship with your existing clients in this competitive world of business. Don’t forget that your existing clients are your main source of business and losing them to visual stimulation from your competitors would not be an advisable thing to do. Increasing your online and offline presence gradually and dedicating some time every day from your extremely busy schedule to marketing and promotion of your wedding business should be as much on your agenda as meeting a new client. And to make this task easy for you, we have enlisted in this article seven marketing ideas that are sure to make your wedding business stand out from others. Using these ideas to promote your wedding business would not only increase your brand visibility, but also bring more clients in the future. So, go through the marketing ideas discussed below and use some or all of them to promote your wedding business. 

  1. Promote your business on Social Media

Considering that 2.85 billion people worldwide use Facebook every month, and more than a billion use each of Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger, there is no denying that the influence social media exerts on people is enormous and creates a scope for marketing that is simply unparalleled. Although it is natural for you as a wedding business owner to be overwhelmed with so many online social media platforms, especially because you have limited time, the best approach for you would be to identify what most of your clients are using. Location plays an important part in social media usage. So, finding out the most popular social media platforms in the locality from where your wedding business operates and regularly posting your ideas, images and offers on them would be the best way to promote the business. You can also engage with your prospects on social media through live chats or personal messages and get them to meet you at your office. Keep your prospects and existing clients hooked by going on Facebook Live often and showing them how you approach work during real weddings. Also, there are sponsored ads on these social media platforms that you can take advantage of to target your existing clients as well as your future prospects. 

  1. Advertise on wedding websites and venue-booking websites

There are many wedding websites that allow wedding business owners and wedding vendors to enlist their names to get more clients. Similarly, there are venue-booking websites that couples often use to book their wedding venues in Delhi. You can use both these platforms to advertise your wedding business. It demands very less involvement from your side. Just sign an advertising agreement with any or a few of these websites and get a proper landing page with a lead generator designed by an expert. And you are good to go. Check the details of your prospect when someone clicks on your ad or fills up the contact form. That’s it. No extra time is required for this.

  1. List your wedding business in Google My Business

Listing your business on Google should be your topmost priority especially if you are promoting your business in your local area. You may aspire to run a global wedding business, but most of your clients would still be from your local area and surroundings, simply because this particular business is run on trust and grows with reference. And there is no better way to promote your business locally than to list it on the Google My Business application. And the best part is that the listing is absolutely free and there is no regular maintenance required. All you need to do is to get yourself listed once and verified by Google. And that’s all. Your prospects can find you anytime they type your business name on Google, and get in touch with you through the contact number and email id provided. 

  1. Make your existing clients write Reviews on your business

The process is simple but its execution is tricky. Considering that people turn to Google to write a review about any business only when he is dissatisfied with it or cheated, it is difficult to get them to write positive reviews about your wedding business on Google Review. So, what you can do is you can tell them politely how their reviews can help more couples get benefitted from your trustworthy service, and even go to the extent of providing them a few well-scripted lines that they can post on their reviews. And the more positive reviews you can get your customers to write about your wedding business and the more five-star ratings you earn from them, the more trusted your business would be in the eyes of your prospects. Two or three such customer reviews per week for a few months would also earn your business a prominent ranking on Google search pages. The reason is simple. More people writing reviews about your wedding business means your business is popular.

  1. Get your website designed and do SEO on it

Your website is your digital portfolio. It is like a decorated catalogue that showcases the best of your accomplishments. So, get a professional-looking website designed by a quality designer, and decorate it beautifully with images, videos and client testimonials. Then promote your website on Google by doing Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. While you require to set aside some budget for it and get an SEO professional working on it for a few months, it is usually following the best practices and ethical means that gets you ranked more prominently on Google search pages in a quick time. And the better you rank on Google, the more prospects you manage to bring to your website thereby increasing the possibility of converting more prospects into actual clients.

  1. Write quality Blogs

Although writing blogs requires time, dedication and skill, as a wedding business owner with limited time, you can hire a professional blog writer to write informative articles about your business or even wedding in general. Regularly informing your prospects and existing clients about the different aspects of wedding planning is going to project you as an authority on the subject and earn your business more trust and credibility. This also makes Google make your website rank prominently on its search pages.

  1. Tie up with Banquet halls and Wedding halls

One of the best offline marketing ideas, tying up with a wedding venue like a banquet hall or a wedding hall is a proven way of promoting and growing the wedding business. Talk to the owners of all the banquet halls in Gurgaon, if your wedding business is located in the neighbourhood of Saket, Hauz Khas or Mehrauli, and crack business deals with them. Whether they refer clients to you or you refer clients to them, the deal can be a win-win situation for both.  


The very word, marketing, scares most small business owners. And money is the prime reason behind that in almost all such cases. Most business owners think that marketing is for big corporates and not for small businesses like wedding planners, which is an absolutely wrong assumption to make. The truth is that marketing is not as expensive as it is projected, nor is it as time-consuming as the business owners think. All the marketing ideas mentioned above in this article are self-manageable and most of them either require a nominal one-time investment or minuscule attention on a regular basis. Go through all of them and work on the most suitable ones to promote your wedding business.