The Screen Time Dilemma for Gen Z

Generation Z is the babies who are born in the digital era. All the scientific advancement is the first thing they’ll see. This generation is so much ahead of their peers, the millennials. There is so much talk about the development of Gen Z as they are going to be so much different than any generation the world has ever seen.

Artificiality is so much a part of our life. Some people are very concerned about going back to natural ways but most just go with the flow. I am of the view that both extremes are bad for humankind. You can’t detach your children from all the progress mankind made in centuries. On the other side, you may as well protect them from the harms of it.

In every generation gap, there are always differences in ideology and social values but this time it is going to be the whole scenario of the world. The easy access to the most addictive cartoons, their plots, and the vibrant graphics. 

What To Do About Screen Time

I want to clarify in advance that this is my blog and it contains my humble views. There are going to be some scientific facts but altogether it’s just my perspective on the issue. 

There are systems regarding screen time. Some of them are

Zero screen time: For babies ranging from 2 to 4 years are not allowed to watch anything on the screen. They are not introduced to it. They are not given any cell phones so they don’t get used to them. 

Zero screen time means that your kid will not ask for it or be stubborn about it. This system originated based on two theories; which are: 

Content Theory

This theory states that the time that is spent watching television or online is problematic. This is for babies as well as kids up to 12 years. The parents cannot comprehend the shades of effect the media is putting on their kids’ minds. 

In light of this study, various approaches are introduced like supervised screen time, zero screen time, etc. 

Displacement Theory

This is the theory that explains the problem concerning other sports. It states that screen time is so addictive to children that they don’t focus on other activities such as games, social skills, and talking. 

The main idea is that this activity inhibits all the other activities. So to live a healthy life screen time has to be restricted. 

Practically the restricted screen time just makes kids, especially babies more stubborn and chaotic as they won’t accept the boundaries. 

The Problems at Hand

Excessive screen time is creating problems like obesity, diabetes, ADHD, and aggression in kids. The lack of outside activities may cause many health hazards. On the other hand, it also affects children psychologically. 


Screen time is not the sole reason for this disorder but researchers have proved that it has caused an increase in the problem. ADHD is a learning disability, the child’s attention span is so less that he cannot focus on anything to learn it. 

Impulsive behavior is the second aspect of the problem. It is a fact that the vibrant colors and the always-changing scenes have badly affected the attention span of the children.

You can understand it if you give your child sugary treats dipped in honey then he’ll never be able to feel the taste of plain foods. It is not his fault. When you rebuke him for disliking normal food you infuriate him. 

Giving screen time is the same. They are used to so much color and fast-moving characters. The routine life is just dull to them like plain foods with regular salt and pepper. 

The Approach System

The world has changed and we should accept that so zero screen time is like denying your kids to experience a major part of life. When they go to school they’ll have to use the internet and watch documentaries on TV. Our life and livelihood revolve around screens nowadays. 

So my suggestion is that you should adopt an approach system. Take precautions from the very beginning. First of all, to make your kids avoid screens you’ll also have to cut back. 

Introduce them to screens from time to time so it does not become the forbidden fruit for them. Involve them in interesting activities. Create healthy and helpful environments. 

In later stages of life they’ll have to use the screen but just avoid it in the initial stages. The media is not responsible to take precautions for your kid, only you are responsible. So if you have a new role in life then invest in it. Make yourself comfortable as well, don’t fret too much.

Just adopt a healthy lifestyle just like you manage the diet charts!